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Thank you for your interest in becoming a One Step Authorized Retailer.

We look forward to helping your business grow with our Hardwood and Bamboo products available in multiple constructions. Whether you need job lot quantities, truckload or containers shipment, we are here for you with a complete sales, service and support program.

We respect and value our relationship with your company. As your partner, One Step Distribution looks forward to providing you excellent product selection and dedicated customer service. Below is the form that needs to be completed to become an Authorized One Step Retailer.





Authorized Retailer Agreement

  1. Purchase and Sale
  2. Acceptance
  3. Deliveries
  4. Price of Products
  5. Terms of Payment
  6. Reduction of Quantity
  7. Warranty
  8. Quality and Claims
  9. Buyer Indemnification
  10. Termination and Cancellation
  11. Notices
  12. Miscellaneous Provisions
  13. Application Form

1. Purchase and Sale.

Every Purchase Order ("Order") submitted by Buyer to One Step Distribution, LLC ("One Step"), whether written, faxed, or electronically transmitted to One Step, is subject to all terms and conditions contained in this Authorized Retailer Agreement. [back to top]


2. Acceptance.

Each Order shall be deemed satisfactory to and accepted by One Step, and represent a binding obligation of Buyer according to the terms and conditions contained herein, if any shipment of products is made, or following 24 hours after any Order Confirmation is issued by One Step. The stating of additional or different terms or the furnishing by Buyer of additional documents shall modify the Order only if specifically agreed to in writing by an authorized agent of One Step and shall not affect acceptance of the Order by One Step. There shall be no changes or modifications to the Order unless expressly consented to in writing by an authorized representative of One Step. [back to top]

3. Deliveries.

Delivery shall be made to the Buyer’s address identified on each Order. One Step shall be allowed a 5 day grace period, without penalty, on each specified delivery. The acceptance of shipment by a common carrier or licensed public trucker shall constitute delivery to Buyer. One Step shall not be liable for any delay or failure in delivery of the whole or any part of the products due to any cause beyond One Step’s control in the production, manufacturing, finishing, processing, or shipping thereof, or, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, due to accident, strike, flood, fire, embargo, government rules, acts, orders, restrictions, regulations, or requirements, or any other causes (whether or not similar to the foregoing) beyond the control of One Step. If any delay exceeds 15 days, Buyer’s sole remedy shall be the right to cancel all or any part of the products delayed in delivery, if delivery is not made within 10 days after One Step’s receipt from Buyer of a written notice of cancellation. If any delay for any reason exceeds 30 days, One Step may unconditionally cancel by notice to Buyer in writing. [back to top]

4. Price of Products.

Prices for all products purchased by Buyer from One Step shall be One Step's published price as finally stated on the Order, plus on demand common carrier freight, plus any applicable taxes, charges, duties and fees levied on One Step or any of the products sold hereunder or the manufacture or sale thereof by any federal, state, or local law, rule, or regulation, or required to be collected by One Step upon the sale, transportation or delivery of the products. Prices for all products shall be subject to change upon notice from One Step to Buyer or Buyer's employees. If One Step shall pay any such taxes or assessments, Buyer shall reimburse One Step upon demand. Buyer certifies that the materials covered by this contract are purchased for resale, either in the form as purchased or as a part of articles to be manufactured for resale. [back to top]

5. Terms of Payment.

Sales shall be net payment, COD, by cash or check at time of delivery, unless otherwise expressly agreed by One Step. One Step m ay, in its sole discretion, extend credit terms to Buyer. Any purchase made on credit requires that Buyer have on file with One Step an approved Credit Application. Buyer further confirms Buyer’s consent to One Step’s Credit Agreement, the terms and conditions of which have been read by Buyer and are incorporated by reference herein. Should credit terms be extended to Buyer, payment shall be made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) into One Step’s bank account or via credit card charges, at One Step’s election. If any check, EFT, or credit card charge given by Buyer in payment is returned for insufficient funds, or for some other reason is not paid due to the fault of the Buyer, Buyer shall be deemed to be in default under this Agreement and shall have five (5) days, without further notice, to cure said default. Any payment which is not paid by Buyer when due shall accrue interest at the rate of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month (18% annually) until paid, or the maximum amount allowed by law, whichever is higher. If the total amount under Buyer’s contract exceeds the line of credit agreed upon with One Step, if any, Buyer shall pay cash or anticipate payment for any shipments in excess of its credit limit. One Step may, after providing credit terms, require Buyer, upon notice, to revert to making payments COD, for subsequent deliveries. [back to top]

6. Reduction of Quantity.

One Step reserves the right, at any time, to reduce quantities to such amount as it may determine and to change deliveries, if One Step is advised that it will receive from its respective usual sources of supply, reduced quantities of materials, supplies, goods, or services due to government rules, regulations, restrictions, requirements, or orders affecting directly or indirectly One Step’s regular sources of supply, or for any other causes (whether or not similar to the foregoing) beyond One Step’s control. Reduced quantities shall be paid for proportionately at the Order price and terms. [back to top]

7. Warranty.


8. Quality and Claims.

Buyer shall have the right to inspect the goods upon arrival. Buyer’s inspection rights shall expire 24 hours after arrival of the goods at their destination. Any claim for deficiency in quantity of any product is waived unless Buyer gives One Step notice of such deficiency within 24 hours of delivery. Any claim for deficiency in quality of goods is waived unless Buyer provides notice of such alleged deficiency within 7 days of delivery. A failure to make an inspection and notify One Step of any alleged deficiency in quality or quantity with the time provided shall operate as a waiver of any and all claims and remedies by Buyer against One Step arising out of product defects, variances or shortages. [back to top]

9. Buyer Indemnification.

Buyer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold One Step harmless from and against all liabilities, losses, obligations, claims, damages (consequential or otherwise), penalties, suits, actions, judgments, costs, and expenses (including actual attorney’s fees) of whatsoever nature for damage to property (including that of One Step or Buyer) or for injury to or death of persons (including agents and employees of One Step or Buyer) which may be imposed upon, incurred by, or asserted against One Step directly or indirectly resulting from this Agreement, from or connected with any occurrence arising out of the use, non-use, possession, or condition of products delivered to Buyer by One Step under this Agreement. Buyer’s agreement to defend, indemnify and hold harmless One Step under the terms of this paragraph is independent of and in addition to Buyer’s agreement to procure insurance as required herein. Buyer’s insurer’s position regarding insurance coverage for One Step as an additional insured, does not in any way modify or limit Buyer’s agreement to defend and indemnify and hold harmless One Step as required in this paragraph. [back to top]

10. Termination and Cancellation.

One Step reserves the right to terminate or cancel any Order in whole or in part at any time. An order may be cancelled by Buyer before delivery only with One Step’s written consent, in which event Buyer will pay to One Step, without limitation: (i) the contract price for any order or partial order delivered prior to termination, (ii) all cost incurred by One Step on in connection with uncompleted portion of the Order, and (iii) cancellation charges incurred by One Step, if any, because of One Step’s commitments made under the Order. [back to top]

11. Notices.

All notices and other communications required or permitted to be given or delivered hereunder shall be in writing and shall be delivered personally, by facsimile, by recognized overnight commercial courier service, or by U.S. certified mail, postage prepaid and return receipt requested, directed to the party intended at the address set forth below, or at such other address as may be designated by such party by notice given to the other party in the manner aforesaid, and shall be effective upon receipt. Any notice provided for herein shall be considered properly given when actually received if delivered personally or sent via facsimile, or, not later than the third (3rd) day after it is deposited in with an overnight commercial courier service, or sent via the United States mail by certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid, properly addressed. [back to top]

12. Miscellaneous Provisions.

 No Modification.

There shall be no changes or modifications to this Agreement or any Order, unless consented to in writing and signed by an authorized agent of One Step. Any promise, guarantee or representation not contained in this Agreement or the written Order, shall be of no effect unless otherwise agreed to in writing by One Step. This Agreement represents the entire Agreement between One Step and Buyer.


Limitation of Liability.

In no event shall One Step, its agents, managers, members, directors, employees or affiliates, be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, or exemplary damages or claims by Buyer or any third party relative to the transactions or activities hereunder, whether or not such damages were foreseeable, unforeseeable, known or unknown, and whether under tort, contract, strict liability, warranty, statute, or otherwise.

 Costs, Expenses and Attorney’s Fees.

All costs and expenses, including but not limited to, attorneys’ fees, incurred by One Step due to Buyer’s violations of or failure to follow any or all of the terms of this Agreement or the Order will be charged to Buyer. Buyer expressly agrees to reimburse One Step for all such costs and expenses.



No provisions of this Agreement or any Order shall be waived or shall be construed to be waived by One Step unless such waiver is in writing and signed by an authorized agent of One Step. No failure on the part of either party to exercise any of the rights and remedies granted hereunder or to insist upon strict compliance by the other party, and no acceptance of full or partial performance during the continuance of such breach, and no custom or practice of the parties at variance with the terms hereof, shall constitute a waiver of the right to demand exact compliance with the terms hereof.


One Step shall not be bound by any assignment of this Agreement or any Order by Buyer, unless One Step has consented prior thereto in writing. Any approved assignment shall be subject to the terms of this Agreement. One Step is authorized to assign this Agreement in its entirety to any subsidiary of One Step or any corporation or partnership affiliated with One Step.

 Successors and Assigns.

This Agreement is binding upon and enforceable against the parties’ respective successors, permitted assignees, legal representatives, executors, administrators, heirs, and legatees. Disputes. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Georgia without any presumption or rule requiring construction against the party causing such Agreement to be drafted. The exclusive venue for any legal action, claim, suit, dispute or matter arising out of or relating to this Agreement or any documents to be executed pursuant to this Agreement by any of the parties hereto shall be Fulton County, State of Georgia, and Buyer hereby consents to the exercise of personal jurisdiction over Buyer by said Court. To the extent allowed by law, Buyer waives its rights to a trial by jury in any action brought upon, or by reason of, the Agreement.


Time is of the essence of this Agreement and any Order. Force Majeure. One Step shall not be liable for failure to perform, or delays in performing under this Agreement, or other non-performance caused by such events as fires, telecommunications or utility or power failures, equipment failures, labor strife, riots, war, terrorism, non-performance of One Step’s vendors or One Step’s suppliers, acts of God, or other causes over which One Step has no reasonable control. [back to top]

Should you have any questions pertaining to this form, please contact Rachelle Crawford at 1.404.835.2122 ext. 130. Alternatively, you can request to be contacted by emailing us at Our dedicated Sales Representative for your territory will then contact you as soon as possible.

By completing and submitting this form, you agree to the terms set forth above and are applying to become an Authorized Retailer of One Step Distribution.

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